Saving on Airfare

I was checking fares for a flight: I had 5 or more windows open to see what the best fare would be. The closest major airport to me is Atlanta, but I check Chattanooga, Nashville, Knoxville, and Birmingham. I will drive a few hours to save a couple hundred dollars. Turns out the cheapest airport to use to my destination was Atlanta. No direct flights. I was about to buy when I noticed had a fare $200 cheaper than what I was about to buy. The catch was that they wouldn’t give you the itinerary or the airline until after you paid for the flight. I didn’t have much to lose, because this flight had long layovers and it was going to take pretty much all day to get there-so I decided to gamble. Paid for the ticket and lo and behold, it was the Delta flight that I had wanted originally but was $300 more expensive than the one I was willing to buy. So in reality I got the same fare for about $500 dollars less. Half-price. Yay. I had some points on my new Bank of America Travel Rewards card and applied it to the purchase: next day there was a $200 credit on my statement for a portion of the flight. Awesome. One caveat: since I bought the ticket on a discount site I didn’t get the SkyMiles that I was hoping for, but I can’t really complain.  ]]>