No Plans to Barcelona

I found a super cheap airfare to Barcelona, I had always wanted to visit and I just booked it. As far as a hotel stay -I checked using my Dreamtrips membership and honestly, the Hotel was cheaper than I expected. I paid the hotel up-front without the breakfast package. And I got to use some DreamTrips awards points which I applied to the nightly rate.


I put everything I needed in a backpack, so I wouldn’t have to check in any luggage. I got to London and made it through customs fairly quickly and took a train to see the city. I only had a 6 hour layover, so I had to be quick about things. One thing I did not expect was the cold weather. It was raining, sleeting and snowing when I got to London and I was wearing a light hoodie.

No Plans to Barcelona 2

No Plans to Barcelona 3

It was so miserable and I was so uncomfortable that I ended up grabbing a pastry and a drink at the ASDA and headed back to the airport early.
I’ll tackle London some other time.


Arrived at Barcelona and immediately went to the Metro station. I bought a ticket that would last me almost my entire stay. I checked and Uber would have been way too expensive.

No Plans to Barcelona 4 This photo of Hotel Sagrada Familia is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Anyway, made it to my station and my hotel was a block and a half away. I stayed at the Hotel Sagrada Familia, It was a European-style hotel-the rooms were small, but it was clean and perfect for what I needed.

I had no plans, but I have several friends that live in the area. First day I went to visit my friend Pablo, who is a professor at Barcelona College of Chiropractic.

No Plans to Barcelona 5

No Plans to Barcelona 6

After a tour of the college, we had a nice lunch at a Basque Tavern close by. The food was amazing.
I was invited to speak to the graduating class as a spur of the moment thing. I enjoyed speaking to them and apparently they enjoyed the talk as well. They said they appreciated me “keeping it real”

I got in touch with my friend Mallory and she mentioned that they were having a Calçotada the next day and I was invited. This was a Tuesday night get-together and there were at least 25 people at this shindig. I met some great people from all over the world and thoroughly enjoyed the event.

No Plans to Barcelona 7

No Plans to Barcelona 8

Met some Americans while having a drink and a snack and they invited me to an evening out.
Nightlife in Barcelona is very diverse and i started my evening with a beer and a slice at an Argentine Pizza place, then to a dance music bar, then to a rap club with a live group.

No Plans to Barcelona 9

No Plans to Barcelona 10I ended my trip with a visit to see Pablo’s family at his home in a town outside of Barcelona. Got to meet his wife and kids and he prepared a fantastic Paella for us.

No Plans to Barcelona 11

I had so many great experiences here that wouldn’t have happened if I had stuck to a very rigid itinerary.  So for your next trip, I suggest you just “let stuff happen.”

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